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      For a month now the internet keeps on going in and out...we've been a customer for years now and we have not experienced this kind of instability of your internet, that is until last month. I have been calling your support lines and they gave me 2 tech appointment..1 actually called the next day informing us that they are currently fixing the issue (on YOUR end / which evidently did not work) and the 2nd one did not even show up. (job order# 21190420 / 21241416) . I could remember that when Typhoon YOLANDA was rampaging i still have my STABLE INTERNET going so dont give me answers that the weather condition is affecting the service. (MANILA IS UNDERWATER and i still HAD MY INTERNET BACK THEN). Point is what in the world happened to your service?  oh and by the way its not only me that is experiencing this, the whole neighborhood is having the same issue. Antipolo, Rizal Area . A reply from your company would be much appreciated..thank you.