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    SUPERSURF 999 Mobile Internet cut off.


      I'm currently registered to SUPERSURF 999, and now my Mobile internet has been cut off.



      A message was sent like this,

      "Your browsing is put on hold to avoid unexpected internet charges ... Your SurfAlert will be switched back on after midnight"



      What is going on? MY supersurf expires on the 23rd of October, not today! Turn my mobile internet back on!

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy chrmdfreak! Your subscription to Supersurf hasn't expired, but your usage was subjected to the Fair Use Policy which set the restoration of your normal browsing speed by midnight. Let me know if the experience is still the same up to now. Thanks.

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            Good day!

            Thanks for your reply.


            The thing is Globe usually sends this message if I exceeded the 800MB/day limit: "Hi, We noticed that your data usage has been really high.... etc"

            and to top it all of, I've checked my mobile internet allocation via *143#, it hasn't reached 800MB yet. It's only 679MB. I understand that you need to set limits to cater to other customers, but I haven't reached the 800MB limit, yet you guy put a sanction on my account.

            Another instance is that after just a short period of time of browsing when just a little of the allocated MB is used, Globe sends me that message again, cutting off my internet. What's going on?