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    Postpaid line termination


      Hello guys! Just want to share my experience requesting for my postpaid line termination and the WORST Customer service I got from Globe! I request for termination of my line last September 24 but since I applied for re-contract, they told me to wait for 5 working days to cancel it. After 15 days and 3 calls, the line is not yet terminated because the re-contract is not yet cancelled! 15 days just to cancel a re-contract? Now I have to wait for another 7 days!


      The WORST service from Globe which they blame on their process. I think they should now re-visit their process since it is not really working and not really bringing positive image to their Customer service. I think it would be better for them to give a time frame of 30 working days for cancellation rather than 5 working days that they cannot meet. Globe so far really count as one who has the most WORST Customer service!