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    Recontracting and Bad service


      It's quite disappointing really and I am fuming for weeks because no feedbacks from Globe. You talked to different agents from - Talk2globe & Loyalty hotline, they always say the same thing wait for a feedback. I've been calling for 3 days for a certain case that should have been answered from the first time I inquired about my recontracting. It really is a bad service. Knowing from this community that N5 have been out of stock for almost a month for RECONTRACTING. Masyado kayong misleading. As for me I have no time to browse how or when recontracting should be applied kaya nga ko tumatawag sa hotline and yet sasabihin ng agent na pwedeng marecontract as early as October pero with the Case - di pa pala ako eligible to apply pero bat nag entertain sila at nagpaasa na the unit will be delivered samantalang wala palang stock. Nakakainis na nakakastress pa mga agents nyo!