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    Why am I being offered with restarting my free unli call to landline and Globe 4 months earlier? Isn't that tricky?


      My broadband will be in its 2nd year at the end of 2015. Somebody from Globe called me and offered loyalty daw to refresh my unli call to landline and Globe for free, and will take effect in 3 days lang. Sabi ko, "teka may 4 months pa ko ah. Bakit ang aga niyo ioffer yan? Dapat ioffer niyo sa kin yan pag matatapos na ang unlicall ko, like sa December, not 4 months early. So ano to, pag di ako pumayag ngayon may bayad na renewal ng unlicall to landline sa December when my own ends?".


      Weird lang. Gusto pa yata nila makatipid ng 4 months.