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    Network service is poor.


      The connection is too slow yesterday even though im still subcribe into a plan gotscombodd70. Yet i re-subcribe another gotscombo to continue my usage. But this afternoon until now. The connection is too slow, sometimes i cant even login to certain website or application. Pls check your network status. Its getting annoying. I had already shutdown and reopen my cellphone. I had check the status of the network which set at internet.globe.com.ph.

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy ippy57! I suggest performing these basic troubleshooting steps to improve your signal reception. If you need further assistance, you can reach our other customer support channels on our official Contact Us page. Hope this helps.



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              i clicked the basic troubleshooting yet no wedpage found. just an fyi, i

              alteady cleared my cache and checked my setting, restart the fone, change

              sim since this wasnt the first time happen to me. i had followed all the

              procedure the agent told me to. the network is just bad. it started before

              two days before "lando" typhoon came. i had a subcription of gotscomdodd70,

              but the network is bad. so i decided to subcribe another gotscombodd70. the

              first 4 hours network service is good, but afterwards i cant hardly

              connent. so after 3 days span and i havent consume all my data i decide to

              change plan to gosurf50. same status of the network... too slow.

              i also make use of the prepaid chat and have conversation with the agent.

              before the chat i still had load balance of 100. after the chat, i checked

              my balancr all is left is 56. thats why i immendiately use it on gosurf50.

              would you kindly explain the inconvienience had caused me. thanks

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