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    very unique case. globe postpaid cancellation


      so here's the case:


      I recently applied to postpaid VIA ONLINE plan 999 new account. To cut the story short, it was approved but upon validation thru phone calls, I cancelled it, simply change of mind because of several reasons: first, medyo napipilitan lang ako dun sa phone na innoffer sakin (not my original request) second, ayoko pa yung kulay na available. So along the way of the process, pinacancell ko na lang. Take note, approved na siya and ready for delivery na sakin, but well i cancelled it.


      After one month, I received a BILL. My God, I received a bill from globe which I'm supposed to have no account. Funny thing I can only open it with my cellular number which is attached to that account which obviously I dont have. I called the support to tell my case, the agent told me it showed in their system that it was indeed active but also they saw that it was cancelled.  So I asked them to fix that, I asked them to permanently close it and that I dont want to receive a bill and also I fear that I may have the impression of not paying the bill and can therefore result into legal charges on my end. The agent said just to ignore it and they will close the account permanently. She (the agent) told me to at least wait for 6 days and call again to verify if it's closed. I called after 6 days and the agent told me it is finally closed.


      I decided to apply again for postpaid account thru a physical store so that I have more freedom to choose the availability of the phone I really want. When the store agent is processing my application, she saw my account on the system, although it showed that it was cancelled, she told me that she can't push thru with the process and she should call me back as they need to verify it first, the cancellation.


      After for about a week, she called back and told me that I'd need to secure first AFFIDAVIT OF DENIAL pertaining to that cancelled account and two government ID's. As this is way too much of a hassle, I told her that I wont be going to apply anymore. But she insists that I need to submit those as I cant apply a postpaid to globe anymore even in the future. To me it's alright, but I clarified if I didnt submit an affidavit, would I still be receiving those damn bills, she told me yes.


      I got worried that this might result again to having unpaid bills in my name and thus they (globe) might press charges on me in the future. My question is, can I just ignore the submission of affidavit and just accept the fact that globe will not allow me to apply anymore or there will be future problem? Note that several times I verified that my account is already closed on their system. All the agents I talked to saw it cancelled/closed already so I don't see any problem. But I want some assurance on this.

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          Hi barryco


          can I just ignore the submission of affidavit and just accept the fact that globe will not allow me to apply anymore or there will be future problem?

          It depends on your personal opinion. Though, there are other telecom companies around you (like SMART and Australian giant Telstra in the near future) that offer the same and probably better service than GLOBE. Regarding future problem, there will be just 1 and that is you can't apply to GLOBE anymore since you will be blacklisted UNLESS you cooperate with what they are requesting: Submit AFFIDAVIT OF DENIAL, clear your name, then re-apply for new account.


          According to the Laws on Obligation & Contracts, there will be no individual to be imprisoned simply by unpaid debt or liabilities UNLESS the liability involves the Philippine Government (e.g all kinds of taxes). There will also be no damages to be paid if the fault is not made by the injured party but merely by the negligence of the other party. So fear not. There will be no legal charges to be slapped against you.


          This is not to encouraged anyone to not pay their due and forget they have a contract with GLOBE. Take note also that GLOBE may input your records on the credit scoring database thus affecting your future activities on the bank. In other words, you can't get a loan from participating banks if you have unpaid bills from GLOBE.