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    Help me with my UMak sim


      Hi po. May globe umak sim po kasi ako dati. Nasira po kasi yung sim ko 4 or 5 months na po. Gusto ko pa po sana magamit yung number ko kasi almost 4 years ko na pong gamit. Possible pa po ba maretrieve yung number? And kung active pa po? Number po is 09151489446. I still have the case nung sim card as proof and grad din po ako ng umak. Thank you in advance.

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          Paulo D

          Hi maggiepesky09!


          Since you mentioned you have a damaged SIM card for 4-5 months ago, you should have visited the nearest Globe Store earlier before 120 days period to have it replaced with the same number. Please take note that SIM cards expire if not reloaded within that period. Once expired, the mobile number can no longer be retrieved.


          If you have time to visit the Globe Store, let us know if it's still possible to request for a SIM replacement in your case.


          Hope this helps.