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    Re: Airboost/NEC Femto


      HI , I read this thread and surprised why Globe Platinum has not suggested this to me. Weve had signal issues since 2010 and Ive received many rebates due to this.  Now im on my 5th year of rebate due to poor signal, cannot call , sms yet ive not been offered this hahaha  We now have a 50mbps pldt fibr plan so im sure thats more than enough for the NEC Femto.


      I called last Saturday about this , ref no. 92125275.  Support did call but it was on a sunday (02 7550090)  at 10:20pm. Called both my mobile ( was on do not disturb mode) and our landline.  It sounded like an emergency that I was asked to go down only to get the phone to stop.     Past 9pm is unacceptable more so calling at a time where people are already asleep.


      Since sunday, no more follow up call even if I did return the call out by contacting 730 18888.  


      Do I just go back to business center to get help? People I know who work at Globe?  I really want to pass thru the usual channels but my experience with using the "system" has always failed.  Seems this will be a 5 month wait to get NEC Femto activated. @Paulo D  please assist and see what can be done or at least get this to reach those in charge of handling us.  My concerns usually pass the 6 month mark, last issue resolved took more than a year.  Thats with 6 team leaders, numerous emails. 


      I know this works , i just may get this if I dont get support from Globe Platinum. Amazon.com: In-building 70dB high Gain GSM LTE 4G DCS 1800MHz Cellular Mobile Cell phone Booster Repeater Amplifier Full…