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    High latency on Dota 2 and Poor network service


      I've been having a lot of issues since the month of august and it became worse since around september, and now I can't practically use the internet to play on Steam servers.

      Also whenever there's a plane passing which I can tell when I hear the aircraft noise, I get timed outs. Funny as it sounds this really happens. My plan is DSL 2Mbps. I have no issues whatsoever on the up and download speed in general as data capping is normal. However, every time I attempt to play Dota 2/CS:Go on steam servers I will always get timed outs. No hour will pass without getting tons of timed outs between gaming time.


      Here are the details I presume needed on this matter:

      • Brgy. San Luis, Antipolo city, Rizal
      • Steam games; Dota 2 and Cs:go
      • Laptop
      • Ping

                     New Picture.bmp

      • Trace route

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