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    Are we being robbed by GLOBE?


      we are subscribed to the 7Mbps plan and the Modem's GUI is only showing an attainable downrate of 988 kbps and an uprate of 52 kbps.  Current downstream speed is 732 kbps.  I am checking this manually from the Modem's GUI since we are not able to even open speedtest.net.  I used the command prompt to do a ping to google and am getting around 2500 ms ping time on the average and about 40+% packet loss.  It's been going on for about half a month now and the technical team just keep on closing our tickets without even proper confirmation that the issue was resolved. My Aunt who just lives next to us, who has a lower plan subscription is not getting any problems at all.  Any help would be appreciated., Are we being robbed by GLOBE?