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    NTC Complaint


      I just submitted a complaint on the NTC website today with regards to services and multiple complaints on representatives from the Globe help desk. How long does it usually take for the NTC to respond. This isn't the first time I have  submitted a complaint to the NTC about Globe, and was able to get an email from [email protected] within an hour.

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          They typically respond 2 weeks after your complaint. Globe-NTC Representatives will be the one to call your respective mobile number

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            Arnel S. Bansil

            Howdy Mart Damasig! Perhaps I can help answer some of your questions about Globe's products and services that hasn't been made clear before? I'm sorry to hear you feel the need to escalate this.

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                I am posting this message out of frustration with Globe and hoping for someone to take ownership of this. I have a dispute since October 2013 about roaming charges when i went to Australia.


                Short story goes like this, I made sure that i coordinate with Globe on what options do i have if i were to use my mobile with in AU then an agent informed me of the promo that they have for roaming which is consumable. I asked specific questions such as: will i get an update of my usage? Will i get a notification of im close to maximizing the allowance provide? Because i also work in a Telecommunications company and i do not want the hassle of bill shock which i experienced. I got notifications as promised so i purchased another promo but to my suprise when i am getting realtime update of my charges as it doesn't stop on charging me even when im already back in Manila. I immediately called Globe (lost count how many times until i got tired of disputing). I still pay my monthly charges until such time that Globe is automatically disconnecting the service due to overdue balance (which is a dispute thay no one cares to manage).


                There are some charges that were credited like data usage because of a Glove employee who has a high position who assisted me but still waiting for the roaming charges to be reverted. Unfortunately, that person is no longer with Globe so i need to call Globe every month to reconnect my service.


                I tried to process my recontracting earlier as it has ended a month ago, however. They will not process it until i settle my account because it was tagged as a valid charge! I can't wait to move to other provider since there is a new provider coming in next year BUT IF GLOBE WILL NOT FIX THIS I WILL MAKE SURE THAT I WILL GO TO THE MEDIA AS I KNOW A LOT WHO IS EXPERIENCING THE SAME.


                Globe has the worst customer service and knowing Telecommunications process just makes me so mad as everyone seems to not want to own this and just decide on make it a valid charge (an account specialist informed me that because they made some changes with their system thus giving them a hard time to validate my dispute) THAT IS JUST RIDICULOUS!!!


                I hope someone from Globe executive will be able to read this message as i have been a very loyal customer but i am being ripped off because of this experience.


                Good luck to Globe.

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                    Arnel S. Bansil

                    mjason14 Sorry for the inconvenience and I completely understand where you're coming from. I already sent you a private message so we could discuss your account details.

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                        Hello Arnel,


                        I am also planning to file complaint regarding with the services we were getting from my brothers house as well as on our house, because it is almost running 2 months now that we migrate from Globe Tattoo 1Mbps to 10Mbps from my brothers house and on mine from 2mbps to 10 mbps however the problem is that we are not getting what we use to get since we are paying for the services that we used to your representatives is just running around with creating tickets and promising that somebody will call us and try to fix the issue they provided 3 days the sad part is they ask us to call back again if somebody do not call us and make the follow which we didn't like since you make guys promises and that never happen.
                        The problem is we are getting different Cell ID's which is not good, I've already asked and raised the question regarding this and your representative and 3rd Party is pointing fingers to one another


                        On our End we are really frustrated on how you guys treat your customers regarding this matter..


                        Hope you can contact me on our email [email protected] to discuss this matter before I also file complaint to have a better result and progress on the situation..




                        I want to also discuss something regarding with your Sub Contractors..


                        If you do have time please shoot me an email I'll be waiting for your response




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                      I just made a NTC complaint too. Maybe you guys can now actually fix my situation...Here is my complaint


                      I upgraded my Globe Wireless LTE internet plan to 5mbps about 8 months ago. I found I out that I could not get any faster than 1.5mbps during day time hours because I have not officially transferred my address with globe, and found out that I could not since there were no available slots in my new address. I decided to keep it as it was because I would get the faster speeds at night when no one was online, this when we use the internet the most anyways. Eventually I stopped getting the faster speeds at night so last month We contacted globe to see if it was possible to transfer our address now... So everything seem to have gone smoothly, they installed a new antenna at our new address and we had confirmation of the successful activation with Globe over the phone, I did a speed test and everything was good. This was a month ago, now I find out my speeds are not going any faster than 1.5mbps, I call globe and find out that my address migration is still pending, They just keep giving me the run around about when everything will be complete, they will also not let me downgrade my plan because I have an open ticket for migration of address. They promised to send someone out here to install a new modem to fix the problem but nothing, and they just keep giving me excuses and offering to make reports and not actually do anything. so I am stuck paying a 5MBPS plan and getting less than 1.5mbps, and am not able to downgrade my plan because they are still pending my address transfer, which I thought was already finished 1 month ago.

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                      Any complaints at the NTC about DSL capping? Please share your experience

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                        Here's my current case against Globe regarding Internet Capping: Elmer Domingo: My Case vs Globe at the NTC (Part 1)

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                          hi Guys,


                          Any news with regards to your complaints? i am also planning to file a formal complaint with NTC/DTI.

                          How did your complaints go?