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    Distressing Bill


      Good day.


      My current Globe plan is SuperUnli 599 with a combo PowerSurf 99 that has a contract that will terminate this coming January. For the first few months of use I have encountered little to no problems with billing; however, this all changed when I started using the internet. I will be discussing two cases I have dealt with:


      1. I was billed an amount of more or less 4,000 pesos the previous year because of internet charges. When we went to Globe Trinoma branch, customer service told us "minsan po may mga background apps na gumagana at nagcoconsume ng data, kung gusto niyo po ididisconnect ko ang internet services ninyo." The reasoning was logical so, reluctantly, I paid the outstanding balance and opted to have my internet disconnected; HOWEVER...


      2. I was shocked again this year by receiving a 5,000 peso bill around June-July. Apparently, the internet connection was not cut (as promised by a Globe Trinoma agent) and i have been charged for appalling internet usages!


      This is very disturbing on my end as a Globe Postpaid user. My account number is 97977685 and I would appreciate any effort of investigation or help on Globe's end. Thank you.

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          The first thing you need to do is verify the said data charges. Track back your data usage from last year. Android have some feature to track your data usages. If you really insist that you have not used any data that makes your bill skyrocketed, the CS will grant you either 50% or a full dispute on the said charges.