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    We are subsribed to the 7Mbps plan but modem GUI shows 725 max attainable downstream


      Something is seriously wrong! We have been telling the tech support team over the phone but we are not getting any logical answer for this issue!  Honestly, who can we turn to?  There were schedules for onsite visit but the job order was closed without even a confirmation from us? it's been more than a week and it is still the same problem.. Plus the intermittent connection.. and when I say intermittent... 2000+ ms ping rate... and yes that is 2000+ (two thousand plus) average ping rate with 54% lost packets.  I tried it on multiple devices but got the same issue my PC's are connected via LAN... and please don't even ask about the intial trouble shouting as we've done it numerous times. We need this resolved ASAP! this is for a Phone + DSL bundle by the way, and as mentioned... It is 7Mbs that we are subscribed to.