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    Samsung j5 [email protected]+1k Cash out????


      Good pm globe. I would like to ask.

      I got samsung j5 FREE at plan 999 no cash out needeed noted on ur web site!

      I thought no cash out???? Y does i need to pay 999 plus 1k one tym cash out???? the reciept i recieve noted 999 only. So wer does my 1k go? 


      Pls explain thnx.

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy eiyanjean16! You are correct in that there should be no cash-out if that's what was noted on our website. Did you ask at the store why you had to pay P1,999 and yet only P999 reflected on the receipt?

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              Good day!

              Back at plan 999 The personel gave me a powerbank. She said its free. But i dont think so. And she told me "i paid 1k cash out so that i can avail txt to all net for 24 months."

              but NO i saw the fliers befor i took the plan. The Globe post samsung j5 is free no cash out @plan 999. With freebies below named txt all net for 24 months!!!

              she told me the 1k is for the phone so I demand a reciept she gave me a reciept with powerbank name reflected on it. I thought the phone i was supposed to pay? Y does the powerbank is on the reciept?

              I think she gave me a boundle kit. Am i right??

              Earlier in the afternoon i ask a differnt globe personel i ask y do i need to pay 1k cash out. Without her i idea im in survey .

              "She told me i took a boundle kit dats y i paid 1k cash out ."

              Until when is the promo of plan 999 samsung with no cash out txt allnet promo????   I realy doubt the Girl.  Even though i ask her she find ways to make her side right!


              I need an explination! is this how u treat ur clients??? I dont need the powerbank at all! Pls clarify evrything. Thnx