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    Why did globe add another data plan in my account??


      I checked my data consumption in Gservices just this morning, and i saw that i have 3gb when its supposed to be only 1.5gb. When i opened my globe online account i saw an additional data plan. I never requested for this additional data, heck i haven't consumed the 1.5gb original data plan that i have! I asked for help in chat support, his name was renz bandin he said that i asked for the additional @and that it was valid etc, instead of helping me, he blamed me for the additional data plan! Can you imagine? i got so pissed that instead of typing i just want to throw out my keyboard at the screen. He did not show any empathy towards the client at all! I got so agitated that i stopped the chat support and call instead, the cs name was julius, he however was able to calm me down but the issue was not resolved as i am still seeing the additional data on my plan. I want this to be removed because i did not add this.