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    which is better load tipid plan or 499 plan


      Would just like to ask which is better. Load tipid plan or the My Lifestyle plan 499 that comes with unli call and text plus 3 GB internet for one month

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          For me, I'd rather choose the SURF MORE promo with globe at PLAN 499 since the offer is only limited, it also means that it's a really good promo. Let's put it this way if you avail the promo that globe offers for SURF MORE, in regular plan you need to get the PLAN 999 to have that subscriptions so literally its a 50% off promo. and If you avail an LTP offer, yes you can register it to any promo you want as long as you have a sufficient load available.

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            For me Load Tipid Plan is better than Plan 499 or 599. I already tried the postpaid plan, the downside is the assigned number is recycled one, too many spammers, scammers that are texting or even calling you. The text from other network or call are bill on top of your bill. That's why now I switch to LTP since it is purely consumables, and the best part is you can retain your prepaid number no need to change number.


            One more thing, at postpaid plan, changing of number is P550.00, and they don't have the means to check if the assigned number is recycled or new one (raw).