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    i cannot receive any internet connection , also text messages and phone calls


      i cannot receive any internet connection , also text messages and phone calls...i tried to reach you guys through globe customer hotline .. i am waiting for some one to answer my call . i've been on the Que for almost 1 hour and then the call suddenly disconnected. when i tried to reach globe customer hotline , i cannot reach you guys . the message was "i do not have enough load to process the requested call (something like that)".  but i have 20 pesos on my account. So i means you eaten up my load? ? there is no problem with my phone. because i have a twin brother , we bought the same make and model of phone. he haven't encountered my problem with my phone and sim. so whats going on guys?  i visit with two of your globe stores , the first one was in the podium. the people there did not assist me right away. i was for the counter !. its been 30 minutes , the other  counters are done with their customer so ask the guard  where is the right counter for me . then he said , i am for counter 1,. when i saw the lady on the counter 1 she is too busy doing something. i asked her what are you doing , am i interrupting you ? then she ignore you the she said "wait lang po".. and i heard the beep for the next customer to be called from her counter.. then she said are you the 1128 and i said yes. and then i asked why are you beeping now(calling for the next customer), i am already here. are you busy? then she jeep on ignoring me. so she asked what is my concern..and then i tell her everything. and what happened nest .their asking me to pay 40php for the sim  card replacement. then i said i will not pay you... so i left their store