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    Gosakto promo 49 php


      I tried registering sa unlimited text for 7 days for 49php.

      Then 8888 replied na d daw maproseso ang aking request try again later

      I tried then after sinasabi naman na "multiple registration" on same promo.

      I checked if i was regitered on the said promo pro ndi and im not registered on any promo right now.

      Ang masama pa kinain nya ung 49php kong load.

      D nako makaregister sa 7 day unli text for globe/tm kinain pa load ko.

      Any means on fixing this?

      Globe please do reply.

      I tried your cutomer support. And got nothing out of it.

      What i would want is for my load to or registration to be accepted.

      Its still 49php.

      I Don't want to waste my money on nothing.

      Btw heres the promo description

      Gosakto promo

      7 days unlimited text to globe and tm for 49php.