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    Problem with Pocket wifi: no internet


      My globe tattoo pocket wifi stopped working. When I turn it on, it's still able to do so but when I search or do something that requires internet, the site shows an error that is requesting me to check my internet connection. It's still able to get a connection with globe (full signal switching between WCDMA and HSPA+) which makes me believe that it's still working. I've followed all the questions in another discussion which has a problem with connection but it's still not working. I've left it to rot at the corner of my room for 9 months, if that'd be the problem. I did switch the tattoo 4g sim for a globe LTE sim that I had on my phone (I forgot the number on my tattoo sim) and if that's the problem, how can I see the number of my old tattoo sim or where can I buy another tattoo 4g sim?


      Thank you in advance!