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    Re: Sim activation


      this happened to me also last Oct 22 2015. I had to pay P30 to the retailer store but I was not able to choose my own number (2-4 digits daw). This is a very sad example of false advertising. I had to just choose 1 number from the 3 given numbers. The store owner tried the new sim on her low-end phone but there is also no option to choose your own number.


      upon contacting the the TM prepaid dept, the agent advised me to proceed to a globe store and have the sim checked there. she also said it is better to just buy the TM sim directly from the globe store. 


      by the way, i waited almost one hour just to have my TM questions answered by the TM prepaid department. The queue is overwhelming. I really dread calling hotlines (even direct lines) because most of the time, it means very lengthy waiting time.