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    Spotify activation


      I am a newbie here. I registered to SP 129 and tried many times to activate it thru the link Globe has sent via SMS. However, i found difficulty to activate it.


      It said that I need to enroll first to Go surf but I am pretty sure that it's included on the plan I'm enjoying at present.Moreover, I've sent an email to globe re: activation process and found no reply until now. Pls. help, anyone.


      Thank you.

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          Paulo D

          Hi adamsan!


          Good day!


          I think this might be because of a system activity. Registrations to Spotify Standalone are currently unavailable. You may get in touch with any of our support channels listed at Contact Us in case you need further assistance.


          Hope this clarifies things.

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              Hi Paulo,


              I am registered currently to SP129 as confirmed by SMS sent by Globe.

              Hence, registration was available earlier. Thanks Paulo anyway.




              Adam San Diego


              On Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 4:02 PM, Paulo D <[email protected]

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                This is probably my 3rd time activating a spotify promo and encountered the same problem as always. Hindi ko maactivate yung sa activation link given via text msg. Bakit ganun? First I only use the 30 pesos yata or 20. Now, I'm about to use the 129 premium pero ang nalabas not valid daw. Please help me sayang yung load ko or if pwede ibalik nalang ng globe.