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    load issues


      I would like to subscribe at your go sakto worth 300. I just load now worth 300 then after few minutes it became 295, then I loaded again for another 10 pesos so I can I have 300 load. So I already have P305 load but after proceeding on my registration still can't load my go sakto only to find out that I ran out of load. Nawala lahat ng load ko as in 0.00 balance. I badly need load now for office communication purposes

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          Paulo D

          Hi zerline!


          Good day!

          Sorry to know that. Kindly get in touch with any of our support channels listed at Contact Us for further assistance since your concern is account-specific. You can request for a load reversal if concern is deemed valid.

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            please advise that the one contact us in twitter doesnt answer back. i need the load asap!

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                Globe pls attend to our concern. I've been sending PM to your FB and

                twitter account too, to fix my load issues too. last Nov 2 I loaded 310 and

                I immediately register to GOSakto via *143# then I got reply that "hindi

                maproceso ang iyong registration" Then when I tried again, "hindi na sapat

                ang balance". When I check my balance my load is 0.00. I went to your Globe

                Business center and they just said that it should be reported at the

                hotline to call 730-1000 but to my dismay I've waited for 1 hour and 20

                minutes still no answering. Then on the following day I really badly need

                my communication I loaded again worth 50 then my friend share me a load of

                5 pesos, then I registered again to GoSakto via *143# then it happened

                again my registration is not successful and yet 0.00 balance. Please attent

                to our concern!


                On 3 November 2015 at 17:21, agentxyz20 <[email protected]

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                Nagregister ako sa GoUnli500 via *143#. But it replied na hindi maproceso ang iyong registration. When I try ko register ulit, hindi na sapat ang balance, when I check my balance. my load is 0 zero na. Please help. this is for 09158691575,