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    Is there higher or other authority i could report my network problem? because customer support and their technical team cannot resolve my persisting problem


      This october alone, I called and reported my connection for "slow browsing" and "no dial tone" for the 4th time and they still havent able to fix it.


      it will start with my internet working fine then connection will be lost. when it went back up again our upload speed will be very low and our landline will lose its dial tone. I will the report it to their customer service and job order will be scheduled. On the scheduled date, it will be fix the MOMENT they will contact me for the site visit. our net speed will back to normal and the land line is working too. this happens at all those four times I reported the problem. I asked the tech what could be causing it. they said there is a problem in their system but is ALREADY fix. then it will be stable for several HOURS . we are lucky if it works for the next few days. they tried replacing our modem, handset and cables. today they fix something at the box outside our house. and hours later the problem is back.


      As it stands their technical team cannot fix this problem. I ruled out the possibility that its our pc that is causing it because it will be fix once i reported it and EVERY TIME they will come to visit and straight from the tech guy that the problem is from their side. is their any other people i can report this persisting problem??