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    Samsung S6 edge +


      Hi , ask ko lng kelan ang availability ng samsung s6 edge + for loyalty customers.tnx.I tried to call but under system maintenance ata ung loyalty line.

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          Paulo D

          Hi mitchlim!


          Thank you for your question.


          I suggest you to get in touch with our Recontracting hotline 02.730.1300 to discuss your options.



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              Hi Paulo,


              Thank you for your prompt response,but sad to say before I put a message to

              this forum I already called your re-contracting hotline (twice) , but it

              seems that the line is under reconstruction (kindly re-check).


              I would like to suggest to globe to please bring back the old method where

              those loyal customers can directly go to their nearest globe centers for

              re-contracting (or at least to have an option). I am not happy as a

              customer from the time that you separated the services for your old

              customers, it feels that you weren't value us, we didn't even get any perks

              for being loyal subscribers to globe.Please take note that I haven't even

              received any calls from customer representative to inform me regarding the

              expiration of my contract, but I do always receive calls about your



              As much as possible kindly consider my suggestion and forward it to your

              management (before most of your loyal customers try to look at other



              Please take good care of your clients by updating them, have some queries

              regarding what they can say on your services.Do not be offended because

              this message is not intentionally for you but for the Globe services as a



              Thank you and have a nice day.

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                  Hi Paulo,

                  I just changed my handset na lang, and I already received my Note 5.The delivery is fast, I ordered it last Nov 5 and received it by the next day.


                  Again,thanks a lot.

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                      Paulo D

                      mitchlim That's good to know. Thanks for the update Mich. Enjoy your new wonderful phone!

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                          Hi Paulo,


                          As of this moment I cannot enjoy my phone because until now my line is not yet activated, I already called 730-1000 5 times (since Nov 6 when I received the phone), 211 assisted by Ariel last Nov 11, and even posted in Globe Community.


                          As per my calls, they always say to wait from 24 to 48 hours , but its more than 48 hours.I also received sms notification from globe that my request has been proceed under reference number 92671883, and even notify me that my duo call promo number which is 29755013 is now active but in reality, I tried it many times but the line is not yet activated.


                          Yes, the delivery is faster for a day, but the activation is too long, and I also read many forums that it seems the users encountered the same problem.


                          Kindly check.Thank you.