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    iphone 6s plus ordering (online only?)


      Hi Globe.. i applied several times, yet no call made. Please do provide some guidance on your selection criteria, as it is obviously very frustrating not hearing back. I know you may want the glitz and glamour accompanying the release of the first few units, but please do entertain loyal customers as well. I got a call but when the agent realized that i am already a postpaid subscriber and just wishes to add additional line (my 3rd line in fact) she advised me that this will be handled by another team and that i'll receive a call again. Obviously you prefer new POSTPAID customers, when in fact, i have been a loyal globe postpaid since you probably started your business.

      Please let us your customers know how to ease up the process of application and i hope via stores will be possible, as for obvious reasons communication lines are better done face to face than via systems/computers only.


      Thank you!