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    Bill Credit


      Just received a text from you advising me to settle the of P947.98 on my old account. I want you guys to have it waived because those are invalid charges. Let me explain why.


      I started/activated the account with you guys last August 07 2014 with a rateplan of P599/month. The name of the rateplan is MYPLAN SUPERDUO which will have Unlimited Texting to Globe subscribers and Unlimited Calls to landline within Metro Manila. And the billing cycle of my account got a close date of every 15th. So where will that bring me? Am I supposed to be billed July 16th to August 15th? Just chatted with Crisandra Bañaga of Globe Chat support and she confirmed that I am supposed to get prorated charges for that.


      I understand that bill close dates are randomly generated by the system for each account but it doesn't make sense to be charged for the days that I haven't my account active yet. I mean it's an unlimited plan so I am paying for the number of days that I can use the unlimited service. So my first bill SHOULD only cover usage for days August 07 to August 15 then second bill should cover the days from August 16 to September 17. Again, first bill should only cover August 07 to August 15.


      The problem is that I was charged for the whole month's bill covering July 16 to August 15. I SHOULD BE CHARGED PRORATED AND NOT FOR THE FULL MONTH'S. I have raised this concern to the nearest Globe Store and they are no help at all not to mention the two hours I wasted in line patiently waiting for my turn to be assisted. Your store customer service sucks but that's a different story. BOTTOMLINE IS I WILL NOT PAY FOR THE DAYS THAT I WEREN'T ABLE TO USE YOUR SERVICE SO I AM ASKING A P439.27 CREDIT [P599/30days X 22days no usage].


      Next issue is that I requested the account to be specifically cancelled effective October 16 so again, I should NOT been charged after that date so another credit of P599.00 if I were charged for another cycle.