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    UnliTxt All Day Promo list on GServices App


      nelskib just some clarification in with the UnliTXT Promos, just wondering why on my GServices App UnliTXT is offered although it does not pertain if this is for Prepaid or Postpaid subscribers. This kinda confusing in part of a postpaid subscriber specially if they don't want to subscribe to the MySuperTXT promos. I already called your the hotline and the agent told me that UnliTXT promos are for Prepaid users only which contradicts the FAQ Unlitxt | Promos | Prepaid | Help and Support which shows


      Below screenshot from the GServices App: Is it kinda misleading showing this offer but cannot avail it. And what is a difference of a Postpaid from a legacy Best-ever MySuperPlan postpaid plan? I would understand if the offer was strictly to MyLifestyle Plan but for this option I guess it is not.


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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy zyper95! We'd hoped to see you at the iPhone 6s launch last week. About your question, just to clarify, is it a postpaid number under myLifestyle Plan that's connected to your GServices app when that screenshot was taken?

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              Hi nelskib! Yes, it is a from my postpaid number however my plan is legacy My Best Ever MySuperplan. Even on the My Account Dashboard same UnliTXT promo shows up. If this is the case that this promo is not applicable for legacy plan holder I don't think it's appropriate this type of promo should be displayed on our GServices app nor online Dashboard if you can't even subscribe to it don't you think?


              Another thing that I notice, if you will look at the screenshot of the UnliTXT on the GServices app it shows "Unlimited text to ALL Network" but on the My Account Dashboard (for my postpaid account) it shows Unlimited text to TM/Globe only. So which ever which I still unable to subscribe to any of it (well except for the MySuperTXT promos) all I get is a text message saying UNLITXT is not available to your plan subscription.