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    what is mrf for?


      nagbayad kami ng installation fee ng 1299.3 days pa lang namin nagagamit bago ang cut off,1800 na agad ang bill.i thought,sa next billing pa namin magrereflect yun.

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          Hello Fellow Wonderful Creatures! 

          Monthly Recurring Fee.

          Monthly. Every 30/31 Days, e.g. Mar 14 Apr 16
          Recurring. Repeatedly as compared to One Time, e.g. One Night Only.
          Fee. Payment for the Service, e.g. Counselling Fee

          I think the Poncious Pilate who offered you this service failed miserably in informing you of the One Month Advanced MRF for new lines.

          Have a wonderful week!

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            MRF = Monthly Recurring Fee


            Your plan amount, e.g Plan 999, Plan 1299, etc.

            MRF is billed in advance. In accordance with your Globe-assigned billing cut off.