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    Modem Speed


      Paano ko malalaman ang modem speed ng wifi ko?

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          Try Speedtest.net
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              Well, yes you can check speedtest.net or testmy.net for the internet speed on the nearest location.

              Remember: Speedtest is simply an check. It could not be based for the speed you receive even globe use speedtest to check their service. I have been receiving a lot of complaint telling they reaches 2.5mb in their speedtest but at the end of the speedtest the result is just .5. Speedtest is only accurate if you have low ping. Testmy.net is also the same. Testmy test your connection to their international servers and due to that it may also cause a misinterpretation in the speed
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              Im agree with try www.speedtest.net


              Check now your internet connection speed to see if you get the right speed at your subscribe plan.