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    Previous billing but had my new account


      Way back 2011 when i had my first postpaid account with globe. I cut the said account to avail the Samsung Note 2 last 2013 after 2 years of using my first account, because the Note 2 is only intended to new accounts. I paid my last bill and opened a new account with Note 2. Today marks my 2 years with my second account and about to recontract it today but to my surprise they told me i had a balance with my first account(2011). I said how come i had that balance? They said MAYBE because of the cancelation fee, come to think of it i cut the account after 2years of contact. Why i have to pay the said fee if i'm already beyond their contract? They also failed to present me with a  billing statement regarding that bill (why should i pay that bill without the statement right?).


      How come the balance was outdated and i did not receive any notice that i had to pay even if i paid my last billing?

      How will i recontact my existing account now with your too SURPRISING CLAIMS with my previous account?

      Why my previous account affects my existing account knowingly that the existing account is eligible for recontracting?

      And lastly

      How come you allowed me to open a new account if i had a outstanding balance with my previous account which i do not know why you charged me with?



      It is your error if its true that i had the said balance. Why should i pay something that was too outdated and did not have a billing statement at all and why you allowed me to open new account and continued me to use it while i had that balance?



      Hoping for your concrete answers.

      Really disappointed with your service and also with your employees in your branches. Particularly with SM masinag and marikina. Rude and lazy.