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    Recontracting and Charge to Bill


      I tried recontracting my account and pre ordered an Iphone 6s Plus under plan 1799. It was approved. I wanted the cash out charge to bill but according to the rep i need to request for a credit limit increase. Which i did and was also approved. Earlier this afternoon, i resumed with my application but still im not allowed to use the charge to bill feature. According to the rep, im not eligible since i will not be able to finish my contract (Feb 2016) if i proceed with the application. I'm willing to pay all necessary fees but why does Globe making it hard for me to get what i want. And it seems like your reps are not aligned in terms of product/promo knowledge. To support that claim, yesterday when i tried requesting for a credit limit increase at Globe Gateway, i was declined. But, when i did the same request via Gservices app, using the same financial docs, it was approved.