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    Technical Support Service and "Subscription Contract"


      Honestly we're fed-up with Globe " WORST " Technical Support Service. We keep on calling them for restoring home internet connection but unfortunately we receive a lot of promises that the technician will be arriving at pre-arranged schedule but never showed at all. When we told Globe we don't want their service anymore, they said that we cannot unsubscribe the service simply because the subscription contract, or some stuff sounds like that, is not yet over. Wow. thus, we have to pay for the service we don't have a benefits of. What a  great service from Globe Telecom!!! I start to think that Globe is only good at "COLLECTING BILLS" for the worst service. Can somebody please tell me or elaborate me what a certain "CONTRACT" that Globe is referring to? I am working overseas, and I feel Globe is "BULLYING" my family back home. Thank you.