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    FOUL Call


      I have been a user of Globe for almost 5 years now, my concern was about  my contract that ended last october 24,2015. I was advised to call the Hotline for reservation of loyalty phone. I was entertained  by Marc Francis and later on by a female rep.(forgot to write her name).

      But sad to say when I checked my account in one of your globe stores i was dismayed to know that no phone was reserve for delivery in my account. According to your rep. I was reserved a BLACK LENOVO A5000. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN WHEN IN FACT i EVEN RATED A HIGH SCORE AFTER MY CALL FOR THE ACCOMODATION OF YOUR SALES REP.Yun pala, yung reservation is wala lang. How can you help me? I have been a loyal customer and has no pending unpaid bill, I have 3 accounts in GLOBE.