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    Follow up to Tattoo Home Broadband Complaint


      This is very long and I do hope that people from Globe will take time to read this sentiment.


      Another ticket was created through talk2globe email support with CASE ID 7442027. So I was told that I need to pay for the INSTALLATION FEE of 1,000 pesos because the application that was processed for my new LTE HOME BROADBAND that was activated today the 8th of November, 2015 is a different application. Here's my take, I've been applying for the service over the phone as an additional line with reference numbers SNS15100000666 and SNS15100003272 and was told that I don't need to pay for installation fee because I'm an existing postpaid customer already so they processed the application and it turned out that on their system there's no available service in our area which I doubt because most of my neighbors are using the service.


      So here comes the agent from Globe who surveyed and tested our area and he told me that there is indeed a coverage for LTE Home Broadband and I was disappointed because the sales representative kept on telling that there's no service in our are and they even offered me to apply for a tattoo mobile postpaid which I'm currently using. I asked the agent again that since I have two postpaid accounts with Globe already, will I be charged with the installation fee? The agent confirmed that no, you won't be charged with that.


      On the 6th of November, the installation date, the installer advised me that there will be an installation fee like wait, "What are you talking about?" I called customer service on the same date and they told me that if you have an existing account with Globe then the installation fee will be waived but they can't check the account at that time since it's not fully activated yet so I need to wait within 24-48 hours.


      On the 8th of November,2015, I made a follow up about the activation on my account through chat with Keneddy and the ticket number is 1511080885. Keneddy confirmed that since I have an existing account with Globe then I won't be charged with installation fee. I even have a transcript of that on my email just to make sure.

      On the same date, afternoon, I chatted with Astrid with ticket number 1511081707 and that's the time that she confirmed that I will be charged with the installation fee. Okay! This inconsistency made me sick. There's no problem paying for the installation fee of 1,000 but the problem here is the inconsistency of your system to check the coverage of the area if we have service and the inconsistency of your representatives giving out information.


      I've been expecting and assuming things based on the information that was relayed to me. I know that this is not a big deal for others but I'm the kind of person who is very keen to details and I'm sick of wrong information that's being relayed. I hope this won't happen again. I know that nobody is perfect but please be considerate to people like me.