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    Higher Speed Than 15Mbps


      Hi! I just want to ask if the old Platinum Plans are still available. Well, we were about to upgrade to plan 4999 (50Mbps) but when I checked the website recently, I found out that these Platinum plans have been overhauled with higher speed but lower price plans, which is a good news because I can't believe that there is also a 1Gbps plan. Unfortunately, I saw that these new plans are still not available in my local area (Barangay New Kalalake, Olongapo City) because they are delivered through fiber optics and I think, Globe fiber optic cables are not available here yet. Back to my main concern, I just want to know if there are still higher WIRED plans available in my location than 15Mbps that is currently listed as highest speed available in the website. Thanks!