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    Globe Recontracting Plan


      I've been trying to reach out Globe's Hotline thru the numbers 730-1288 and 730-1300 for an update with regards sa Recontracting Plan I settled with their agent last Friday, but I cannot get hold of them. I even tried going to their store to seek for help but they said they couldn't do anything about it since the transaction was made thru hotline. Call me a brat or what, hindi ako makakampante kung wala akong assurance na makukuha. The agent already gave me the reference number and had sent the recontracting form to have it signed by our authorized personnel. I understood that such transactions really take days to be processed. I asked the lady the expected date of delivery, she said the unit will be here within 2-3 days ( so I expect it to come Tuesday or Wednesday... It's Wednesday right now). So there, I thought maayos naman pala kausap ang Globe. We've encountered rude cs reps so many times na kasi with regards din sa account ng mga superiors namin. The account I'm trying to settle now is the only one left sa company namin. I'm anxious to know whether or not they have settled the matter or not. Simple as that. I'm beginning to feel anxious and annoyed with Globe. It's not mine to begin with, it's my boss's account so please understand how distressed I am right now.