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      Please pakibalik yung load na kinain sakin. From 280.50 to 39.50. Wala pa akong nababawas kahit pisong txt! Nagrregister palang ako!!!

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          Paulo D

          Hi stephambion!


          Don't worry. Our support team can clarify things for you once they check your account. Since Community can only accommodate non-account related inquiries and has no access to customers' accounts, I suggest contacting our other customer support channels for assistance.


          Hope this helps.

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            same here! ako naman sa tatoo wifi ko... pag bukas ko pa lang ng wifi device bawas na agad and pag ka register ko sa surf promo.. biglang mawawala fb ko and pagcheck ko ubos load ko wala nmn ako browsing n ginawa

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              Sad to say but the only way to get back your load is to call their customer service hotline. Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. Pahirapan nga lang makatawag sa knila. I spent almost 8 hours trying to contact them. Their twitter account is no use. But rest assured, mababalik naman load mo.