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    connection keeps dropping


      Hello, I live in the Lapu Lapu City area, and recently I have been experiencing frequent drop of my Internet connection, and it appears that my connection is down approx 25% of the time, and is not reliable.


      I have noticed that the Internet light on my Tattoo modem goes blank when the connection is lost, but then it will usually come back on a few minutes, or a few hours later.  Cycling the modem on and off does not really seem to help.  Also, I have noticed that when the light is off that I'm unable to ping the IP Address  However, if the Internet light on modem is on, then it usually says,


      64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=62 time=27.1 ms

      I believe that this is a good connection speed, and indicates that the line is in good condition?


      I went to the Globe store and they gave me number to call, but so far I have not been able to speak with anyone.  Can someone please advise what the correct customer service number is to call?


      Thank you.