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    CS:GO Ping is unstable - LTE quality is very poor


      Good day, Globe and the community


      I find this very serious, since before the migration to LTE, WiMax proved to have good connection quality.


      When I'd play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and connect to the nearest official server (which is in Singapore), most, if not all, of the time, the ping fluctuates to over 1000 ms and sometimes even drops off for a second, leaving me unable to know what's going on in-game. This leads me to think the LTE connection quality is piss-poor. During nighttime, the ping would stabilize to 110ms, but over 65% of the time, it's just unplayable.


      I want to know why is the connection quality so poor-to-nonexistent in my migrated LTE subscription. Back when I still used WiMax, the ping was around 150ms, but it stayed there, no fluctuations at all. It is of un-explainable importance to have a good quality connection that has minimal jitter, and minimal to no packet loss to play FPS games such as CS:GO. Even on a wire that is connected to my LTE modem, the ping in-game still fluctuates like crazy. My performance has been affected to the point where I feel I might get a bad record in CS:GO.


      In a nutshell, I am very disappointed in the migration from WiMax to LTE. I had high hopes for it, and while I love the considerably faster download speed, the connection quality has been sacrificed. Even TeamSpeak 3 (VoIP client I use to talk to my friends while playing CS:GO) displays connection quality reduction and ping fluctuating to crazy-high values. I am on Plan 1099.