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    They say out of stock na and will be replenished in two weeks...


      hindi ko ma.gets bakit sinasabi nila na in.stock eh out of stock pala cla?

      sabi sa link meron pang iphone 6s plus 64gb...

      (iPhone 6s Plus - Postpaid Price, Specs and Features | Globe Online Shop)


      as of nov 13, 2015: out-of-stock

      upon checking the website on Nov 17, 2015: in-stock yung nakalagay.


      paki.explain po


      paunahan nalang si smart at globe sakin sa pag.deliver:


      either I:

      - preterminate and then recontract if there is stock pa of iphone 6s plus...




      -preterminate and then wait for smart's to call me about my application.