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    COMBO20 has no 50 texts to other net.


      Hi, I'm a TM user for almost 2 yrs.. Then, I regularly register to combo20. It comes with an unlimited text and 20mins. of calls to globe/tm plus 50 texts to all net.  And I am really satisfied and elated with that promo. :) But unfortunately, these past few days, as i was using that promo, I was about to send an emergency message to my mom, and shes using other network. I know I still have 50 free texts to other net because, i'm hundred percent sure that i'm still not consuming it since i register a day before. But I got shocked because it failed to send, then I checked my c20 status on *143# and it says that I have 0 texts to other net! I tried to stop my registration and register c20 once again, but its still the same.. What happened??? HELP ME PLEASE??