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    Braodband Application


      On 31 October 2015, I saw on Facebook that Globe was offering a promo wherein the applicant will get a year-long discount if s/he applies within 31 October 2015 to 02 November 2015.


      Needing an internet connection (having terminated my previous ISP due to bad service) I applied for a wired DSL connection.  A few days later, a Globe representative called me and told me that upon checking, a wired connection cannot be installed in my area (Brgy. Pasadena, SJ) and suggested that I apply for an LTE connection instead. I asked about the promo to which she told me that it only applies to wired connection. Despite such, I agreed to an LTE connection and asked that installation be done on 08 November 2015.


      On 08 November 2015, technicians arrived and surveyed my house. I asked if it is true that I cannot have a wired connection knowing that the house where I live in used to have Globe connection and that some of my neighbors had Globe connection. The technicians confirmed that I can have a wired connection. With such information, they called Globe and asked that my application be converted back to wired connection and I confirmed the same.


      Thinking that the conversion was processed, the technicians told me that they will come back on Thursday, 12 November 2015 or Friday, 13 November 2015. They never came. Globe just wasted my time since I was waiting for them.


      I called Globe last Sunday, 15 November 2015, and your representative told me that the conversion was not processed and that I should re-apply instead. I told him that I will not re-apply since I already did and that all that was left to do was installation.


      Today, I received a call from a Globe representative asking if I still want to push through with my application. I asked why she called only now to which she told me that she has been trying to call and that my phone was only ringing the whole time. I told her that was impossible since I did not get any missed calls during the period.


      Nevertheless, I said that I was still interested in my application for a wired connection. I asked if I can get the discount knowing that I applied on 31 October 2015 to which the representative told me that my application was processed only on 05 November 2015 which is after the alleged cut-off date of 04 November 2015.  I asked why my application was only processed on 05 November 2015 and they again told me that they were trying to call me earlier and that my phone was only ringing which again is impossible because I did not receive any call.


      First and foremost, I believe there is a difference between “applying” and “processing”. I applied during the period given in the promo and thus, I should be given the discount.


      Second, it was not my fault that the application was processed only on 05 November 2015 allegedly because my phone just kept on ringing. Again, there is a difference between “applying” and “processing”.


      Third, I do not understand why your representative would tell me that I cannot have a wired connection. I knew fully well that the house used to have a Globe connection and some of my neighbors have Globe connection. Are your representatives misleading the applicants so that we will instead apply for your new LTE product?


      I am still interested in having a Globe connection, but I think it is just fair that you apply the promo since I applied on 31 October 2015.  Kindly address this because, if not, I will have to complain with the proper authorities.


      Thank you.


      1. Vincent Patrick R. Cruz