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    iPhone 6s inquiries


      Good day globe community. I have a few questions to ask here:

      a) are the new iphone 6s in-stock (on globe stores not online, preferably in one of the globe stores in makati)


      b)does globe accept phone trade-ins for the mylifestyle plan 1299 with iphone 6s


      c) if in the middle of my contract i wish to switch phones, could i trade in my iphone 6s to get the new phone. (Ex. After 12 months of my iphone 6s contract i would like to avail of the upcoming iphone 7, supposedly, can i trade-in my phone or what?)


      Quick replies would be much appreciated as I am short in time. Thank You.

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy sonson28! Our sales team will advise you regarding stock availability once they approve your application. For questions B and C, we currently do not accept trade-ins, though you can always apply for the new iPhone as a new plan or by pre-terminating your old plan. Hope this clarifies things.