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    Recontracting -- Always NO handset available!


      I've been a globe subscriber for a while now and my contract ended last May 2015. I'm eligible to re-contract and I've been getting text about it too. Unfortunately, every time I call globe (like every other day) the agent on the other line would always say "No available phone" for your plan. Either I'm advised to upgrade my plan or advised to cash out for high end units, which I don't need to. So, basically my concern is this... Is there really a chance that globe would give me a new handset without even shelling out some money? Phones are available for new accounts but not for re-contracting? What's the rationale behind that loyalty program wherein you're prioritizing new accounts over existing clients with good standing? Do you even offer a call back to clients or at least give the client's the option to get reservations on new handsets (not for the high-ends)?