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    Globe Tattoo Prepaid Sim Promo Load?


      Hi, I just want to know what are the promo loads that you can put into a Tattoo Prepaid Sim?
      I know I can load it up with GoSurf or SuperSurf. Those are actually the only ones that I can see on their website.

      Are there any other loads that I should keep in mind cause I'm a bit confused, a friend of mine said no I cant, but I talked to a service representative and she said yes you can but with an unsure tone of voice. So I opted to post here for further enlightenment.

      I am planning on putting a Tattoo LTE Sim on my phone's Sim 2 slot primarily for internet and for my Globe buddies to contact me but it would be nice to know if it can be loaded with text or call promo's.


      Thanks in advance!