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    No mobile reception in our Area


      I am a mobile postpaid and broadband subscriber for 5 years already. Our compound has no signal reception for any ISP (there was a good signal reception for SUN before but after Smart bought SUN, the signal reception lost). I already contacted the support and they found out that there was a test/troubleshooting done in our area and the case is still open without any progress since October 2014.


      I am thinking to terminate our account now due to the bad service you are providing to us. We need to go out in our gate/compound just to take a call and send an SMS which is a total inconvenience to us.


      The Globe support team showing us no hope to resolve this issue. You may check our account details to see the exact address where the signal reception is bad (1009939513 & 840438866). I was hoping to have an Airboost or anything to boost our signal in our compound, I'm not the only one who's affected by this.