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    COMPLAINT!!! Pending Dispute for >2yrs




      I am posting this message out of frustration with Globe and hoping for someone to take ownership of this. I have a dispute since October 2013 about roaming charges when i went to Australia.


      Short story goes like this, I made sure that i coordinate with Globe on what options do i have if i were to use my mobile with in AU then an agent informed me of the promo that they have for roaming which is consumable. I asked specific questions such as: will i get an update of my usage? Will i get a notification of im close to maximizing the allowance provide? Because i also work in a Telecommunications company and i do not want the hassle of bill shock which i experienced. I got notifications as promised so i purchased another promo but to my suprise when i am getting realtime update of my charges as it doesn't stop on charging me even when im already back in Manila. I immediately called Globe (lost count how many times until i got tired of disputing). I still pay my monthly charges until such time that Globe is automatically disconnecting the service due to overdue balance (which is a dispute thay no one cares to manage).


      There are some charges that were credited like data usage because of a Glove employee who has a high position who assisted me but still waiting for the roaming charges to be reverted. Unfortunately, that person is no longer with Globe so i need to call Globe every month to reconnect my service.


      I tried to process my recontracting earlier as it has ended a month ago, however. They will not process it until i settle my account because it was tagged as a valid charge! I can't wait to move to other provider since there is a new provider coming in next year BUT IF GLOBE WILL NOT FIX THIS I WILL MAKE SURE THAT I WILL GO TO THE MEDIA AS I KNOW A LOT WHO IS EXPERIENCING THE SAME.


      Globe has the worst customer service and knowing Telecommunications process just makes me so mad as everyone seems to not want to own this and just decide on make it a valid charge (an account specialist informed me that because they made some changes with their system thus giving them a hard time to validate my dispute) THAT IS JUST RIDICULOUS!!!


      I hope someone from Globe executive will be able to read this message as i have been a very loyal customer but i am being ripped off because of this experience.


      Good luck to Globe.