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    I had my new GLOBE LTE and at first 2 weeks, it's speed went 600+ kbps and now it can barely reach 100kbps, and it tends to disconnect more frequently, can anyone explain why is this happening?


      I was proud to tell my friends that I have this Globe LTE. It has a fast internet speed without requiring any special contraptions like antennas or a lot of wires. but my LTE is kinda disappointing me lately, after 2 weeks,it became really slow and and tends to disconnect often ( And I'm a Clash of Clan Player, it really is a big problem ). Please can any one explain to me why is this happening? is Globe telecom limit data usage every month? or it was just a big "show" for me to be impressed at first so I will stick to it and tell it proudly to my friends about it and they would have brought it too and we will be all disappointed? *peace*


      -I was actually disconnected while posting this