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    recontraction of line


      I applied for a recontraction of my line. I wanted to get the plan 1799 and avail of the iphone 6s + rose gold. I initially applied in greenbelt globe store and said they will call within the week if the phone becomes available. Never got the call so I decided to applied via hotline instead. The agent who spoke to me said they cannot process my application since I have a pending application in GB globe store. She instructed me to go to that branch where I applied and have them cancel my request. She said I could call back immediately to process the application because globe store could cancel it right away.  So, I did go to back to GB to cancel my application. But when I called back the hotline this afternoon, they said I still have that pending request showing up in my account name. What do I do now? Why would it take 72 hours to process a simple cancellation? (Acrdg to the agent I spoke to via hotline) And why are the agents saying different things about same questions and concerns?